A Grandiosity Mind Trapped in Anger

A Grandiosity Mind Trapped in Anger

When we have a grandiosity personality type then we are prone to anger outbursts. A person with grandiosity thinking may believe that he or she was centered out from everyone else when he or she does not get his or her way. People with grandiosity attitudes will say things like that was a lousy idea since those people are stupid anyway.


A person of this nature may believe that other people would have behaved the way that they did in a similar situation. There are many traits to the grandiosity that are disturbing and when a person has a disturbed mind, he or she is prone to anger. This type of person will have a difficult time dealing with stressors and stress and will often act out on emotions when they feel threatened. This means they are prone to assaulting other's intellect, cursing at the problem, attacking another person's mental status, and even acting out violently when they are mad. This type takes us to a whole new level of understanding anger since a mental illness is often underlying emotions.

A person of this magnitude of anger is known as a narcissistic personality type. Paranoid schizophrenias, histrionic personality types, and a few others have a grandiosity personality underlying the diagnose. When we see that a person is angry due to a mental illness then anger management may or may not work. Most histrionic personality types are firm in their way of thinking, therefore more extensive therapy is needed to deal with this type. If you experienced anger outbursts, you realize that you feel remorse after the interruption takes place. On the other hand, if you have histrionic or paranoid personality remorse is not in the picture. A person has to have a sense of remorse to become subject to recovery in anger management. Although the psychotherapist may find a resolve, it will be minimal. Unfortunately, in some cases of this type of anger, there is no resolve and the patient may eventually destroy another person’s life.

Uncontrolled anger includes striking, hitting, punching, assaulting mentally, verbally assault, and even murder. Now we are looking at a serious problem since anyone is at risk of being subjected to these types of personality. A more common form of anger is mild name-calling, such as you were acting like a jerk. Alternatively, damn why did you do that? Some of us might even say why you centered me out as a target to anger. The person will raise the voice assertively, and often walk away when the person does not reply as he or she intended. There are forms of anger that can be dealt with and some are rooted in jealousy. Well, the world is acting out of accordance with man’s beliefs most of the time so in a lot of instances, there is just cause. The problem is dealing with it so that it does not get the best of you. For example, if you are married and suspect that your spouse is having an affair you might confront this person rather than accusing. Find out the details before you blow up and cause a commotion.

If the person is cheating then you have two options. You can forgive the person's infidelity and move on or you can hire a lawyer and find a more suitable, trusting mate. I would choose the latter since cheaters are liars and thieves trying to get away with something, therefore the person is not trustworthy in most cases. See the reasoning behind this? Of course, it is going to hurt, but in the end, you will see that you made a good choice. If you decide to stay with the person, remember you forgave them so do not bring up failures when another problem occurs. Failure is success flipped over and if you review failure in a positive light, your problems will reduce as you move forward in life. If you have a grandiosity personality, you will need help, since the mountains are more difficult for you to climb. Do not be a failure control your anger before it controls your life.

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