Why You Should Avoid Fuel Economy Products

Why You Should Avoid Fuel Economy Products

A lot of things have happened due to the huge increases in gas prices that we have seen over the last several years. One of the more intriguing results has been the creation of a new market, which is the area of products that claim to increase the gas mileage of cars, trucks, vans, and sport utility vehicles alike. The manufacturers of these products are counting on a frustrating and fed-up public to support their products in an effort to escape gas expenses. However, are these products worth the money or not?


First, you have to look at the things that the manufacturers of these products are boasting about. They claim significant increases in fuel efficiency, but have they proven these claims?  According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), they have not. The EPA is responsible for testing and certifying the fuel economy of vehicles, among other tasks. When you go to a car dealership and see on a sticker that a vehicle gets x miles per gallon, that is information obtained by testing done by the EPA.

The EPA also has tested a number of products that are supposed to increase gas mileage, but they have not found any yet to do so significantly.  That is one reason why you should use caution when shelling out money for these types of products.  They may claim to do wonderful things, but if there are no proven results to back up the claims, they are not to be taken without a grain of salt.

It is also important to note that you do not have to buy expensive and costly products to increase your car’s fuel efficiency.  In fact, there are a nearly endless number of ways to increase gas mileage without spending a dime!  For instance, you can make sure that you remove unneeded items from your car so that you are not driving excess weight around.  You can also do something as simple as use the cruise control more often, or avoid using the air conditioner since it leads to more fuel usage than normal.

Other valuable tips include simply tweaking your driving style.  If you can control your speed on the highway and try to coast when you know that you may have to stop short, you can see some improvements in your fuel economy.  Often, you will notice huge changes by simply staying off the gas a bit when driving on the highway; far bigger changes than you would ever receive from pouring a product in your gas tank!

There are even more very simple tips, such as not leaving your car running when you leave it to go inside a store or gas station, or keeping your tires properly inflated, since not doing so can cost you some of your ideal gas mileage.  Again, there is simply no shortage of easy and free ways to increase your vehicle’s fuel economy!

That is why you really do not need to rely on expensive products to increase your fuel economy.  After all, there are so many ways to do so already, that unless you are taking advantage of all of them and still not getting the results you want, why would you pay for a product that supposedly does the same thing?

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