Approaches in Healthy Relationships and Self

Approaches in Healthy Relationships and Self 


Considering the many approaches we can take to build healthy relationships and the self, we must consider that there is no man left behind. While we can discuss many of these approaches, it is important first to look at the theoretical line of attack to attention. 

Theoretically speaking, we have two leading approaches to consider that have been outlined over the years by various theorists. These approaches involve the formula that makes up cognition, and the formulation itself centered on our reinforcements. In short, these are some of the alternative methods of relating to interpersonal behaviors as well as the strategies used to research such behaviors. 

Because of our thinking processes, perceptions, and our struggle to understand various actions that take place in the world, theorists are led to believe that our attraction to others is based on our interpersonal communications and intelligence. Reinforcements play a role in this attraction since it allows us to express our feelings. Reinforcements also have effects on irrational and rational judgments. The way attractions respond is through learning. 

In summary, we respond to emotions while using our intellectual mind serves to discover what is taking place in our environment. 

For this reason, we are attracted to others because of the way that they respond to us, which is reinforced by emotional and mental responses. Therefore, we can conclude that we all must improve our awareness in order to work toward building healthy relationships.

Yet, to work toward developing a healthy self, we must consider other factors, but also consider the way we respond to our needs both emotionally and mentally. 

Understanding this bit of information can assist us with our goal to develop a healthy self while working to improve our relationships. Moreover, this bit of information can help us figure out what approaches we need to take in order to accomplish our goals. 

Two leading theorists describe in the late 1950s and 1970s that our attractions give attention to the way we challenge and describe the way one thinks by focusing on the “Person-Other-Object,” which is the P-O-X theory that focuses on relationships. According to the theorists Newcomb and Heider, we tend to follow a pattern that is constant in our dislikes and likes. This was a follow up on Walster’s P-O-X theory, which leads them to conclude that any relationship must have first, harmony, methodical structure, and balance. 

With these theories in mind, we see that we have to choose relationships that consist of the other party and the self-working in unison with the other in a systematic environment whereas both parties have balance. This is one approach we can take to create healthy relationships.

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Still, we must take other approaches to work toward developing a healthy self. One of the approaches we can consider is meditation. This strategy is encouraged since it will guide the body and mind into relaxation, which is the key essential needed to keep the mind focused on the here and now. When you develop awareness and self-awareness, you often see the next approach that you must take to improve your health. 

Aside from meditation, one can enjoy the approach known as subliminal learning. In fact, this is one of the leading approaches that are encouraged today by many professionals. The approach allows you to tap into the subliminal mind and explore the inner self to find answers to your problems. Since there are many hidden messages in this area of the mind, it is important to start the process and carry it forward until the end of your life.

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