10 Bad Habits We Must Remove Immediately From Your Daily Routine

You know Newton's third law of motion. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. The same is with our life as well. Life will treat us in the same way we treat it. So, to make our life better it is important to constantly improve ourselves. Here are some of the bad habits that one can eliminate from their life to make things go in a positive direction.

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1. Waking up late


By waking up at 9/10 are you set up a vicious cycle for the day. You are kinda sleepy in the afternoon. Active in the evening and most energetic at night. But that is going against your body’s natural circadian rhythm. Try waking up at 6 am and go out and see how fresh you feel throughout the day.

2. Procrastination and your phone


Instead of watching your phone while eating/ brushing /, studying try to incorporate it into a healthy routine.


Set 30 minutes work/ study slots and if you can complete them grant 5 minutes of phone time to yourself as a reward. This is the Pavlovian system and ward off procrastination and make studies more fruitful at well when you have a goal in sight.

3. Gossiping/ Negative thinking/ Having low self-esteem


Instead of these trying yoga. I used to scoff when my mom suggested this. But now after trying it I am kinda addicted! I can SEE my focus, attention and energy increase after it and it calms my mind during/before exams. It has even gotten back my disturbed sleep cycle.

4. Eating out every day


Yes, it gives an instant boost of happiness but what about the long term harm or even the acne/ stomach upset the very next day. Next time you want to eat out, make yourself something at home or buy a healthy snack instead. Get to know the number of vitamins in almonds, fruits, pistachios and make a balanced diet. Thank me later when your skin starts glowing and all your acne disappear.

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5. Daydreaming


Create amazing, improbable scenarios for yourself that will never happen. Not only are you wasting your precious time but also creating a high, warped expectation for the future which can only lead to disappointment. Because regular things will happen, not your fairy tales!

6. Not doing household chores


Maybe you're a single child/ your parents are very loving/ you are an entitled slob - Doing household chores doesn't lower your reputation. I don't cook isn't an achievement for men/women - it is a basic life skill everyone will require at one point. Also, it shall lessen the burden on your other house members.

7. Drinking/ Smoking


A veritable trend of these times. It doesn't make you cool it makes your organs damaged and reduces your longevity. Maybe you think you won't get addicted. Maybe you need a temporary release. Again, go for yoga. Think about your health/your family’s comfort. P. S. - you shall get addicted, the receptors in your brain are wired that way. We have seen many a relationship/family get destroyed by this.

8. Eating nails


An inconspicuous act but your body will get habituated to it and you will find yourself doing it again and again without your will. Your hands will look ugly, doing that in public will cast you in a negative light and God knows which bacteria/worms you are ingesting with them.

9. Being cooped up inside all-day


Yes, introverts don't really like socializing but I am not talking about them. I am talking about an extreme form. Being inside all day, lacking social interactions, getting a tub of ice cream and watching Netflix all day. This is dangerous- it can quickly become a habit and be very hard to break. If you are in this cycle, cut yourself out NOW. STOP READING THIS AND GO OUT NOW.

This will make you socially awkward, will give you eye problems, make you obese and depressed.

10. Any other personal bad habits you might have

Most of us KNOW our habits. You can just read articles on the net the whole day about it and then promptly forget everything. 

The main thing is to take immediate action.

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