TV Actors who Earn more than Bollywood Actors

TV Actors who Earn more than Bollywood Actors

TV industry of India is a very big industry, mostly Bollywood superstars got their breakthrough from TV industry like SRK started his career from TV Serial, Late Irrfan Khan started from TV serial and many more actors.

5. Manish Paul


He has done a couple of Movies but mostly scene in Hosting TV reality shows for years. He has raised the Bar of Hosting Reality Shows. He is the reason for the No. 1 TRP of shows like Indian Idol and Little Champs because of his Funny Acting and even by making fun of his own Dance and Singing. Manish normally charges Rs. 2–3 crores for a Season which lasts for 2 to 2.5 months. This amount is far higher than some of the Bollywood Actors and Actresses.

4. Bharti Singh

bharti singh

A very hardworking Girl who is seen on TV shows since Childhood. She is the most famous Celebrity in the TV industry. She can do anything. I mean she can bring the fun out of anything. Whether she is in Dance Shows Host, Singing Shows Host, Comedy Nights with Kapil, Khatron k Khiladi, etc. She is everywhere with her Comedy skills. She earns over 15–20 lakhs per episode in Kapil Sharma Show. In other shows as a Host, she charges 10–12 lakhs per episode. Her figures normally touch 1–2 crores per month apart from Advertisements.

3. Krishna Abhishek

krishna abhishek

He has done some movies but mostly get the fame by making his own fun on the name of Govinda ka Bhanja. In Kapil Sharma show, his Sapna character is the most awaiting character in the show. It was rumoured a couple of years back that Krishna charges 50 lakhs per episode and after some pay cuts, it is rounded off to amount somewhere around 30–40 lakhs per episode. Still a big number if compared with Bollywood actors and actresses who are getting One or Two movies a year and earning 1 or 2 crores a year.

2. Neha Kakkar


She isn't a daily soap actor. But let me tell you in an interview Neha Said Bollywood doesn't pay Singers enough money for Songs. She doesn't earn through Singing songs in Bollywood. She is nowadays seen acting in her own songs on YouTube, earning Millions of views. She is also earning through her fan following on Instagram and through Stage Shows all around the world. In Indian Idol as a Judge, she earns over 20 lakhs per episode. Her net worth is just under Rs. 30 crores which is a very high number if compared with some Bollywood actors and actresses. Neha is the 2nd most viewed Female Artist in the World in 2019.

1. Kapil Sharma


The legend of Comedy. Kapil Sharma even earns more than some of the Big named Actors in the Bollywood. Kapil Sharma charges over Rs. 80 lakhs for a single episode. He charges over 2 crores for advertisements. Kapil's net worth is just under 200 crores.

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